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Experienced and independent immigration consultants based in Ireland. We offer a personalised service for individuals and organisations seeking work permits in Ireland.

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Irish work permits

A service for both potential employees and employers.

The fast growing and dynamic Irish economy offer excellent opportunities for non-EU/EEA citizens to share right now in the prosperity that is available.

We offer a personal service to assist you in first making you aware of the available opportunities. We will guide you to the opportunities relevant to your skills, qualifications, and experience.

The Irish Government has identified many shortages in the available workforce. It continues to provide excellent and wide-ranging opportunities to non-EU/EEA citizens to share in the growing prosperity of the State by offering work permits that can lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

We are experienced, independent immigration consultants based in Ireland offering a personalised fee-based service for both individuals and organisations seeking to obtain work permits in the State.

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Our service guides you to the opportunities relevant to your qualifications, skills and experience. Call us Today