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Work Permits Application Process in Ireland

1. Overview

Ireland offers several types of work permits.  Among the most poplar are the Critical Skills Employment Permit, and the General Work Permit.  Permits are also available for internships and for jobs in the sporting or cultural category.

The standard requirements for any work permit application are as follows:

  • The job does not appear on the list of Ineligible Jobs
  • The annual salary requirement for the job is generally €30,000.  In certain circumstances, for Health Care Workers and Graduates it can be €27,000.
  • For a Critical Skills Work Permit, the job must appear on the Irish Governments’ Critical Skills Occupation List
  • In most cases, the potential employee will need to have a Bachelor’s Degree or above – alternatively, those with extensive relevant experience who have a job offer with annual salary of €64,000 could qualify.
  • The Irish based company offering employment for any category to have no more than 50% of its employees to be non EU/EEA citizens.

Work Permit Application Fees which can be paid by the employer or employee, are for all categories generally €1,000 – Renewal Fees vary by category.  However, Critical Skill Permit holders are able to apply for Permanent Residence after the initial 2 years.

For General Work Permit Applications, a Labour Market Needs Test needs to be carried out by the employer.

This requires the job to be advertised as follows:

  • Irish Government Job Website – 4 weeks
  • National Newspaper for 3 days
  • Local Newspaper for 3 days – if weekly – 1 day or for 3 days with an Online Recruiter
  • Evidence of the advertisements will be required for the Application.

Other Standard Requirements prior to submitting an application
Applicants cannot apply for a Work Permit when in Ireland as a Visitor – they will have to return to their country of origin or where they have Residence Permission.  Applicants with Irish Residence Permission or a Working Holiday Authorisation can apply whilst in situ.

2. The Work Permit Application Process

Stage 1: Using the EPOS online application system:

Enter the following online details:

  • Employer Registration Details
  • Contact details at employer
  • Type of Company
  • Total Employees % Non EU/EEA
  • Job Title Offered
  • Employee Details
  • Applicant Address details
  • Level and Type of Qualifications of the Applicant
  • Main requirements of the job
  • Experience of Applicant to meet requirement
  • Hours of Work
  • Salary Details
  • Details of person making Processing Fee payment.

Following Payment:
Declarations are generated and need to be signed by both the Employer and Applicant.
Then a series of the following documents need to be uploaded before submitting the application

      • Signed Declarations
      • Signed Contract of Employment
      • Applicants Passport ID page
      • If applicable Irish Residence Permit
      • Passport style photo of applicant
      • Copy Degree Certificate or evidence of relevant work experience
      • If applicable, copies of Labour Market Needs Test advertisements
      • Tax Clearance Certificate from Employer

Please note in certain circumstances, Police Clearance Certificates and details from Regulatory Bodies are required.  In some cases more details of Applicants is required.


Following Submissions of the online application, fee payment provided and tracking details to follow the progression of the application.

When Approved
When received, successful applicants from Non-Visa Required Countries can enter Ireland Immediately and then to Register at their relevant Government facility.

For those people issued with a Work Permit from a Visa Required Country will need to apply via the online AVATS system for a Pre-Clearance Visa required to enter Ireland and then to, following arrival, Register.


Processing Times
Please keep checking our website for updates.  As a result of the following, processing times continue to be lengthy:

      • The Covid Pandemic
      • Brexit
      • A number of acute job shortages that were taken off the Ineligible List in November 2022

The Irish Government have strived to continue to reduce processing times from the current:

      • Critical Skills Work Permits  – 6-8 weeks
      • All Other, including General Work Permits – 16-18 weeks

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We have 8 years’ experience of Immigration matters in Ireland.  Submitting sometimes complex applications together with preparing compelling explanatory letters to accompany any submission on the client’s behalf.

The Work Permit Process

To understand the process and what is required by the Irish Authorities, we will give or opinion of the case before proceeding.  We continue to keep abreast of ay changes to the requirements and adjustments to the Ineligible and Critical Skills Lists.

Our Service

Encompasses advice evaluation preparation of the Application, including and specific requirements including the Labour Market Needs Test and Presentation on any relevant additional details.

Post-Approval – if a Pre-Clearance Visa Application is required we will prepare and advise on the details and actions required.

Our advice continues to be available for details of the Post Arrival Registration in Ireland.

On instruction we will supply a list of the required details for the application then complete a draft of the online application.  Alongside, we will advise on the supporting documents to be submitted.

We will then send a draft of the application for you and the applicant if you wish to check and approve the details.  Then make payment of the €1,000 processing fee.
The final task is to upload the supporting documents for the submission – confirmation will be received with details for checking the progress of the application.
We will advise regarding Dependant Family Members wishing to join the applicant.  There are various regulations depending on the type of Work Permit applied for.
Similarly, we will advise on the Renewal of Work Permits and the opportunity for progression to Permanent Residency and Naturalisation in Ireland.

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